• What is EucBowl?
    What is EucBowl? 6 Games of Resurrection-Style Blood Bowl Over 2 Days.
  • When is EucBowl?
    When is EucBowl? EucBowl will be held on the 5th and 6th of July 2014
  • Tickets
    Tickets Tickets are outstanding value at $40 for early regsitrants and $50 for late-comers.
  • Gifts!
    Gifts! Players will receive goodies including a custom dice bag and a very special Blood Bowl first!
  • Raffle
    Raffle The raffle returns in 2014 with am excellent painted team.
  • Where is EucBowl?
    Where is EucBowl? EucBowl is held at the Burwood RSL.
  • Team Value
    Team Value The Team Value will be returning to 1250k in 2014!


The aethestic of the game is a key part of many coaches enjoyment of the game and we want to encourage everyone to play with and against some of the stunning teams around. We want every coach to enjoy this aspect of the game so have penalties for playing with unpainted or partially painted minis.

We really love the use of alternative or non-standard minis, but it should be clear which player is which. Minis should be obviously distinguishable for different positions and should clearly identify the individual player. If you have difficulty with this you should award a 2 for painting regardless of the quality of the painting.

  1. All models unpainted.
  2. Some models unpainted and/or you have difficulty identifying which player or position is which.
  3. All models painted.
  4. Based and at least 3 colours on each mini.
  5. Good Paint job.
  6. Excellent paint job.
  7. Superb painting - Golden Daemon standard.

A single colour does not count as painted!

Support staff are very much appreciated, and may be counted towards the team´s painting score.

Scores over 4 are deliberately open to subjective interpretation. In the event of a 1 or 2 being awarded a judge may check your opponents team and overrule if he believes the score inappropriate.