• What is EucBowl?
    What is EucBowl? 6 Games of Resurrection-Style Blood Bowl Over 2 Days.
  • When is EucBowl?
    When is EucBowl? EucBowl will be held on the 5th and 6th of July 2014
  • Tickets
    Tickets Tickets are outstanding value at $40 for early regsitrants and $50 for late-comers.
  • Gifts!
    Gifts! Players will receive goodies including a custom dice bag and a very special Blood Bowl first!
  • Raffle
    Raffle The raffle returns in 2014 with am excellent painted team.
  • Where is EucBowl?
    Where is EucBowl? EucBowl is held at the Burwood RSL.
  • Team Value
    Team Value The Team Value will be returning to 1250k in 2014!


Things you need to bring:

  • Your team - it should be painted and the models easily distinguishable.
  • At least 2 copies of your team roster.
  • Blood Bowl board, dugouts & counters.
  • Blocking dice, d6 and d8 dice.
  • Throw-In, Scatter & Pass templates.
  • Competition Rules Pack.
  • If you are playing Chaos Pact, Underworld or Slann please bring a copy of their rules for your opponents information.
  • Pen & Paper.
  • Super glue (for those last minute repairs).

Things you need to sort out:

  • Spending money for breakfast, lunch & dinner, as well as any drinks.
  • Transport to and from the event.
  • Accommodation.